Membership Attraction & Retention
To facilitate the growth and retention of membership in South Texas Rotary District 5930, IGNITE is recommended as the Best Practices Membership Program.
IGNITE Membership attraction and retention best practices program is WORKING! 
23 Ignite Clubs - Net GAIN 43 members (3.9% growth) vs
  • Non-Ignite Clubs net loss (21 members) a -2.8% decrease in membership


The District has a Lieutenant Governor for Membership, who serves as the District Membership Chair, and a goal of 13 Area Assistant Membership Coordinators, along with a committee of district supported chairs with the specific purpose of:

  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Retention
  • Membership Awards
  • Extension

The goal is 13 Area Assistant Membership Coordinators (one for each area of the District) working closely with our 13 Area Assistant Governors. 

All will be working with clubs that would like assistance in membership development, planning, acquiring new members, and/or engaging and retaining current members. 

Click the image to watch a video from the 2020-2021 Membership Team
We don't want to be guilty of doing nothing in the face of membership needs. We realize the more engaged our members are the more service opportunities we will be able to provide both locally and globally.

Think a net gain of 100 new Rotarians.

 Think IGNITE!