From the Adoption Awareness Chair for District 5930.
Allow me to introduce myself to each of our sitting presidents for 2018-2019.  DG Andy asked that I be involved again with the Adoption Project which delights me.  If you have put up with me in the past, you will recall that I ask very little and expect a lot.  Maybe not too much but I do hope all clubs can find a way to be involved.  You know not all can host a party, but all can help in hosting one.  CPS has graciously accommodated us for these past many years and to my knowledge has never said "no". 
What I really need as soon as your club has "settled in" is who will be participating as 1) the lead club and 2) a participant helping with one of the events.  My email address is  My promise is to assist you in every way possible to make this the greatest year ever.  I am fully aware that there have been some truly awesome years past.  As soon as I have your email, I will stay in touch.  Let me know, as well, if you have a "go to" person in your club in charge of the project.  Let's get ready to party! 
Lionel Betancourt   (956)778-1185