Congratulations Donald and to your Los Fresnos Rotary club as well as members of the Club De Rotario de Matamoros Industrial for an “Outstanding” job partnering in an International project in Matamoros, Mexico to protect and save lives throughout our communities at large.  
The fire equipment, fire truck, and emergency response training provided by the City of Los Fresnos EMS/Fire Department for the Matamoros emergency response teams will prove to be invaluable when called upon in emergency situations.  
Thanks to you and the Rotary Club Of  Los Fresnos for your participation in our 2019 Rotary International project fair whereby you convened and connected with our Club de Rotario de Matamoros Industrial to address a community’s unmet emergency response needs.  A special thanks is extended to the City Of Los Fresnos, Texas EMS Department for their commitment, utilization of their highly trained emergency response leadership team, and generosity to make this all possible.
Rotary Connect The World,
Andy Hagan 
R.I. District 5930
Immediate Past Governor
Rotary Year 2018-2019