“April is Maternal and Child Health Month”
Rotary All Stars – Together we make amazing things happen like:
  • High quality health care for vulnerable mothers and children
  • Education
  • Immunizations
  • Birth kits
  • Mobile health clinics
  • How to prevent mother to infant HIV transmission
  • How to breast-feed and
  • How to protect themselves and their children from disease
What service projects do you and your club participate in to support maternal and child health?  Share how your club supports maternal and child health initiatives on Rotary Showcase https://map.rotary.org/en/project/pages/project_showcase.aspx
We continue to Fly High with Rotary! – We are Rotary Serving Humanity!
Spring is upon us and the Whooping Cranes are beginning to make their flight back home to the Canadian Rockies after wintering with us in District 5930.  I have been observing their preparation for their long journey back home.
Just as the Whooping Cranes prepared for their journey to winter with us and are now preparing for their journey back to Canada – Club Presidents, Officers and members prepared for their club’s journey to serve their communities both locally and globally this year. 
Some prepared their “Flightpath” and set their goals, in Rotary Club Central, to Fly High with Rotary this year, while others did not.
Did you know?
  • The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund – to date - 21 of our 52 clubs are “non-giving clubs.”
    • If that number remained the same, what does that mean for your club three years from now?
      • The lowest number of District Grants will be awarded to your clubs to do good in your local communities.
    • There is still time to set your club’s goals, increase your club’s goal to exceed your five-year high, and turn in your contributions ASAP to The Rotary Foundation.
    • Goal:  $265,000 (average of $142.63 per capita or greater / 39 cents per day per member or greater)
  • In Rotary Year 2013-2014 All clubs gave to the Annual Fund at a record:  $136.71 per capita ($253,725)
    • What does that mean for our clubs next year?
      • A record number of District Grants will be awarded to your clubs in Rotary year 2017-2018 to do good in your local communities.
  • PolioPlus Fund – to date – 33 of our 52 clubs are “non-giving clubs”
    • In Rotary Year 2014-2015 – 18 clubs were “non-giving clubs” and we still had a record giving of $67,983 to save children from a preventable crippling disease.
This historic year …
  • Think of your Rotary Story
  • What is your Rotary Foundation Story?
  • Talk with your club members about why you give to the Annual Fund Share?
  • How might you and your club set historic giving to the Annual Fund Share and the PolioPlus Fund to celebrate the Foundation’s Centennial and the 30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary?  (Rotary Polio MOTO and End Polio Night with the Vipers area examples of two great events that raised money for Polio)

Club President’s and officers, have you reviewed and completed the Club Administration checklist?  Time is running out …

Register now for these RY 2016-17 District All Club Activities – Registration Open:
April 22:  Foundation Awards Luncheon and Grant Management Training for Rotary Year 2017-2018 (Registration closes April 13th)
May 4:   30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary Luncheon
May 5 – 7:  District All Club Conference in Rockport-Fulton
Don’t forget to continue to tell your Rotary story.
Together we continue to Fly High with Rotary Serving Humanity.
Rotary International District 5930
District Governor 2016-17
Deborah High