Hi all,
I will be in south Texas from September 3 until the 14th and have 11 clubs (including PI) and the Zone project fair booked.  I will be running between Laredo and Port Lavaca and most points in between.
I have agreed to act as liaison between Engineers Without Borders: Portland, Oregon--and the community of Guadalupe Carney for a.water project they are funding that will serve over 3500 people.  EWB headquarters has determined Honduras is too dangerous for them to allow their engineers to come to Honduras...which is odd because, well, I feel perfectly safe here.

The dam is 7 kilometers away from the community...naturally up a mountain.  The current pipeline loses a lot of its gravity feed due to the terrain so the project will allow for the rerouting of 2.6 kilometers.  13 members of the community joined me and a volunteer local engineer on the hike up the mountain to the dam...however, I decided to stop once we arrived at the area where the pipeline will be diverted...since the dam is not actually a part of the project, why climb more in this heat.  The engineer did proceed to the dam...bless his heart.  I have attached photos of our initial meeting of the water board, a community meeting discussing the project and community responsibilities, the hike, and a view from where I called it quits.  We have just completed the materials list...which required some reality checks between how it is done in the US and how it is done in Honduras.
Thanks for your support of our projects to make Honduras a better place for Hondurans to live!  Please continue your support or consider helping us out!
Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras
Port Isabel Rotary Club
PO Box 1733
Port Isabel, Texas 78578