On May 16, Part 3 of the Virtual District Conference with DG Ellison Crider was held. It was a collection of stories of projects and personal stories from the clubs and Rotarians in District 5930. I have received letters from two participants of detailing the impact of videos and presentations that were shared. They truly how we are Rooted in Service and are Connect to the World.
Power of Rotary: Kinza’s Story
This past February, I found myself over 8,500 miles from my current home of Corpus Christi, Texas exchanging a Rotary club flag in my birthplace, Karachi, Pakistan. What began as a trip to visit the Artificial Limb Center with fellow Pakistani Rotarians has turned into something much more for me, for the Center, and for Kinza. Kinza is a 7-year-old Pakistani girl who lost both her leg and brother at the age of 3. Since then, she has visited the Artificial Limb Center, which is funded by the Rotary, each year to get a prosthetic leg. At the center, she is able to have a custom fit and measured prosthetic made for her within four hours, free of charge. I was able to accompany Kinza for her fifth visit to the Center, because as she grows, she needs a new leg each year. After returning home to Texas, I shared Kinza’s story at the District 5930 Virtual Conference. By sharing my experience, Kinza’s story spread far and wide. On the same day when the video became available on social media, an individual who saw the video committed to fund all of Kinza’s educational expenses and has also started planning a fundraiser for the Artificial Limb Center. The power of a story can only be amplified by those who share it, so what story will you share?
From Linda Marrin - a Rotarian from Minnesota
Many thanks to my Rotarian teammates in D5930 for including this Rotarian from central Minnesota in Saturday's "Telling Rotary's Stories" event.  I was inspired by so many of the stories I heard and proud to be a part of an organization that is providing service to so many near and far.  I was particularly touched by Lionel Betancourt's  Adoption Awareness story.  My own club in Minnesota had a speaker from a local foster care organization.  Seeing their needs we provided a donation and stuffed Christmas stocking for the younger foster care children.  We discussed the struggles and needs of the children in foster care.  Lionel's story gave me a vision of so much more that we could be doing for these children and I look forward to having him Zoom into a future meeting of my club.  
I was also impressed and intrigued by Enrique Medellin's International Project Fair.  So much has been accomplished in only a few years; I look forward to seeing the amazing accomplishments that will certainly continue to come from this effort.  As a member of a district that includes clubs in Canada, I see opportunities for similar efforts our north country.  
Every story told was a source of pride for every Rotarian and I thank you for sharing them all.  I look forward to meeting many of the 5930 team when I can travel to Texas!
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Executive Assistant to RI Director 2020-22 Suzi Howe
Assistant Rotary Coordinator 2018-21, Zones 25 & 29
District 5580 Trainer 2017-20
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