Posted by Luis Cavazos on Jul 31, 2017

Lt. Governor of Membership

I am very excited to be serving our members in district 5930 as your Lt. Governor of Membership this Rotary year.  And, very grateful to our DG Betty for providing the leadership and resources needed to facilitate our jobs.

I want to show our goal, plan and some strategies regarding membership development.  This is a live and breathing plan that will be adjusted and modified, and, I welcome your input with ideas to make our district successful!

  • Membership Growth Goal for our district is Net 90 new members by the end of the Rotary year.  This translates into an average of 1.73 net members per club.
  • I want to convey to all members in our district that membership development is the responsibility of all of us.  We all need to share the Rotary story with our communities.  Look around your circle of influence and determine who has what it takes to be a Rotarian, and invite them to a Rotary project or meeting.
  • My job as Lt. Governor of Membership is to facilitate membership development to our clubs and to assimilate the latest ideas from Rotary International and our district.  Use me!!
  • Clubs need to have a membership goal and a plan.  You will not reach your goal without a roadmap.  Let me know if you need help
  • Use the Zone 21b-27 11 year history membership charts.  This will allow you to view your club’s 11 year history and help set a realistic goal.  Go to
  • Use the Ignite Program to implement Rotary Membership Development’s best practices. Last year we had 23% of our clubs using Ignite and over 90% that used it had positive growth in their clubs.  Our goal is to double the clubs that are using Ignite to 46%
  • In Rotary around the world we are great at bringing members into our clubs but a great majority leave.  There is a big revolving door.  Develop a Retention Program in you clubs.
  • Words of wisdom: I have discovered that if you bring the right person into Rotary the greater the chance of retaining that member.
  • Hold orientations/fire chats for new members.
  • Engage new members ASAP after joining your club.  Give them a description of your committees to enable them to find one that matches their interests.
  • I am working at getting all clubs to have a club membership chair to be able to directly communicate with them.   This is critical and has never been done before, consequently I need your help.
  • Communication is King! I will continue to communicate via district mass email system. You can reach me directly at or call me at my cell 956-592-2145.