Good morning everyone.  Elsa and I are so appreciative of all the compliments,  comments, texts, phone calls, and emails we have received about our recent District Conference and Youth Summit. 
Please read all the stories, watch the videos and check out the photo albums for all activities from the District Conference 2019.
We realize none of this would have been possible without your help and hard work.  We extend a heartfelt  “thank you “ to each of you!  You all are awesome!
Thank you again for your assistance and most importantly for your continued support and engagement to mentor and inspire our community at large and youth of all ages!
Andy & Elsa
RI District 5930
District Governor
Mobile: 592-0944
Highest 70+  turnout of Interact, Rotaract , RYLA, and Youth Exchange students as well as Rotary Club and School sponsors to our District Youth Summit.  
It is important to note that we now have more Interact Clubs in our District compared to Rotary Clubs with approximately 1,600 plus students!  Bruce Goldsen, RI Youth Exchange Chairman addressed our students as did Joel Vincent, District Youth Exchange coordinator, Jim Villaume, District RYLA coordinator, Lady Charnel Bratton, EarlyAct First Knight Representative, Turtle Lady, Kayla Stovall, Global and Costa Rica Scholar, Stan Petraitis, D5930 Lt. Governor Youth Programs and Youth Summit Conference chairman, Tim Dowling, District Four Way Speech Coordinator who escorted our 1st Place winner to give his speech to all our Youth during the afternoon.  
EPN walk was Saturday afternoon for all Students and School sponsors to show their support and donated to the EPN Cause!  An Ice breaker at the beginning of the Youth Summit was followed by an ice cream and cup cake social afterwards to celebrate a Year of Community Service and Engagement!
All Rotary Club Presidents will be Recognized with Paul Harris Fellow awards for their leadership and distinguished service this year!  
We had not one but 4 Rotarians of the Year (ROTY) award recipients to honor and recognize all their hard work and impact locally and worldwide! The four 2018-2019 ROTY Award recipients are denoted below: Watch a video.
  • Aleda Reyes, District 5930 Lt. Governor  Of Public Image and Public Relations,  
  • Luis Cavazos, Lt. Governor Of Membership,
  • Elaine Hernandez, District 5930 International Service Coordinator and
  • Kent Mallquist, Port Isabel Rotary Club President, PDG and proud sponsor of our newest Rotary Club Of Los Fresnos and recipient of a special Rotary club membership award for being one of four Rotary clubs with highest Percentage of membership growth in our District.
Superstar Awards 40 total were distributed to deserving Rotarians who exhibited Distinguished Service Above Self during the 2018-2019 Rotary year. Watch a Video.
Enrique Medellin, Brownsville Sunrise RC and International Lane Club Chair invited Distinguished guest, Ramiro De La Garza, DGE D4130 Northern Mexico.
Tom Plumb, Port Isabel Rotary Club brought a Distinguished guest and fellow Rotarian Hector Mendoza, Mayor of Trujillo, Honduras. Read More
Eric Liu, Zone Rotary Public Image Coordinator presents to our District Conference attendees.
Elaine convened a District wide Hunger Summit which resulted in the largest attendance of prospective Rotarians at a District Conference.  Participants addressed food security and distribution of needed items to communities at large!  All received a Rotary District  5930 Be The Inspiration award provided by Elaine Hernandez and accompanied by Andy Hagan, District Governor. Read More
Lionel Betencourt, San Benito Rotary Club sponsors an Adoption Awareness program not only District-wide but Nationally and Internationally as our District 5930 Representative!
Betty Frantum was recognized as a Rotary Foundation Major Donor Level 2 for her generous contributions to our Rotary Foundation this year!
Art Zeitler convened an All Club Luncheon in Corpus Christi that included attendance by R.I. District 5890 Greater Houston Area Rotarians and Stephan Stein, an R.I. President representative from Russia.  It was a first ever bi District and Club Luncheon with two RI President’s  representatives joining us for this wonderful event!  Read More
Art Zeitler convened a Rotary Foundation panel of experts and conducted a Training Workshop on District and Global Grants to engage multiple Districts and Rotary Clubs  in meaningful dialogue to explore opportunities for more impactful local and international humanitarian projects!  Rotarians representing Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, and the United States attended this insightful workshop.
Tim Dowling, District 5930 Four Way Speech coordinator conducted the All District Youth  Four Way Test Speech Competition.  We had 11 of 13 Areas represented and all the 4 Way Speech contestants were recognized and received awards for their efforts! Read More
Catalina Dickerson and Rogelio Trevino organized and conducted the 2nd Annual Adult Rotarian Four Way Test Speech Competition.  Martin , Los Fresnos Rotary Club was the First Place Winner and received an award recognition and a Paul Harris Fellow.
Stan Petraitis and Bettsy Pizano Hernandez along with other Rotarians and sponsors convened an All District 5930 Youth Summit.  Over 70 students attended and became acquainted with many of the Rotary Youth programs. View a Photo Album.
Top 4 Membership Growth Clubs 2018-2019
  1. Port Isabel                          93.3%  
  2. Laredo Under 7 Flags        80.0%
  3. Freer                                     63.64%
  4.  San Benito                          60.0%
Recognition of 2017-2018 Premier Ignite Rotary Clubs:
  • Brownsville Sunrise
  • Corpus Christi
  • Laredo
  • Laredo Daybreak
  • Laredo Gateway
  • Laredo Under 7 Flag
  • Harlingen
Recognition of Ignite Premier Rotary Clubs 2018-2019 To Date:
  • Harlingen
  • Corpus Christi
  • Laredo
  • Laredo Daybreak
  • Laredo Gateway 
  • Laredo Under 7 Flags