It has been a while since I sent photos of th progress being mad on the Agua Amarilla water project funded by the Rotary Foundation.  I have attached photos of the continuing...eternal...work of pipe laying down the 12 kilometers from the dam to the tank.  It is now nice to see the results of that work.  The pressure breaker is now receiving an incredible flow of water and the lines have been attached to both the reserve and primary tanks.  Water pressure has increased dramatically allowing water to flow to the furthest of the 8 communities.    The reserve tank has been repaired and except some minor remaining work on the pipeline lik securing pipes over ravines..., we will begin the extension of electricity to the yet to be built chlorination building.
   Thank you for your support...  We are continue to raise funds for our next Global Grant to provide clean water through a deep well system that will serve 5000 residents of 5 rural communities.  Please consider helping us with this Global Grant...we are halfway to our goal.
                                  Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras
                                  Port Isabel Texas Rotary Club
                                  PO Box 1733
                                  Port Isabel, Texas 78578