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District 5930 Leadership Meeting
Oct 14, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:09 PM
San Diego DG Club Visit
Oct 19, 2021
12:01 PM – 1:00 PM
D5930 RLI Online - Part 1 - 10-2021 (Oct. 19, 21, 26 & 28)
Oct 19, 2021 5:30 PM –
Oct 28, 2021 7:30 PM
D5930 RLI Part 1 Continuation
Oct 21, 2021
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Rotary PolioMoto
Oct 23, 2021 – Oct 24, 2021
Pharr DG Club Visit
Oct 26, 2021 1:00 PM
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Russell Hampton
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Greetings Fellow Rotarians
It is amazing how fast we are moving this Rotary year. Our first quarter is now behind us, and we are now entering a new season of opportunities for serving our communities.
This month we turn our attention to World Polio Day on October 24, 2021. We will have two Polio Fundraising events happening this month. They are the Rotary Polio Moto (RPM) and Pints for Polio. The RPM is a motorcycle ride through Rotary District 5930.

The ride will consist of eight hundred miles over a two-day period and the purpose is to raise money to Rotary’s fight against Polio. Clubs through the District are participating by supporting this motorcycle ride as they come through their respected cities by providing water and food at designated rest stops.
Pints for Polio is an annual fundraiser that raises money to help in the global fight against polio. For every pint purchased, one dollar is donated to Rotary International’s Polio Plus Campaign.
You are reminded to support World Polio Day on October 24 by sponsoring these two fundraising events and by wearing your red polio shirt and take a club picture, send it to our webmaster, Bettsy Pizana, and she will add it on our District Website and District Facebook page.
September 2021
As we shared the Gift of Rotary to others, we are reminded how humble we should all be in this world we live in. We should remember how our veterans fought to keep our civil liberties, keeping us free from tyranny. This year we celebrated our September 11 twentieth anniversary. Many of you supported this day by joining with your local communities with flag presentation remembrance and recognizing our veterans and first responders.
Our schools open again with controversy mask, vaccination and hybrid classrooms left our children again wondering if normalcy will ever come back. No matter the challenge, Rotarians rise to the occasion and overcome with greater passion to serve our communities. We continue to provide scholarships, back-packs, shoes, and books by Rotarians who care and want to do more. You can make the greatest change in a person’s life.
No matter the challenge, Rotarians rise to the occasion and overcome with greater passion to serve our communities. We continue to provide scholarships, back-packs, shoes, and books by Rotarians who care and want to do more. You can make the greatest change in a person’s life.
Remember that we have our district initiatives: fight hunger: feed hope and Literacy. I encourage you to seek out service projects addressing these two initiatives and include surrounding clubs in your area to join you.
August 2021
Our priority continues to be Grow Rotary. We are a membership organization, and our members are our greatest asset. We encourage you to have a membership chairperson so that he/she can engage with the District Leadership Team informing your club of any changes and updates Rotary International and District may have. Join in on our Monday afternoon virtual meetings with our Lt. Governor of Membership, Helen Peters. They share best practices growing Rotary with Each One Bring One Slogan.
Every club should celebrate its new members and recognize every Rotarian who sponsors a member. Remember to engage them immediately into a service project and/or committee so that they can experience their Rotary Moment.
Starting this month, consider how your club will grow your membership and retain current members. Serve to Change Lives and become Leaders of Change starts with you.
July 2021
As we begin our Rotary Year, I wish you a Great Rotary Year! Together, let us make it the best year by focusing on our District Action Plan. My vision for our District is to have all fifty-one clubs going in one direction using the district action plan as our pathway to success.
This will be our year as Leaders of Change. I challenge every club president to step up and step out of their comfort zone and make the changes needed to meet and exceed your goals. Share your rotary service projects using social media and our district website, and Facebook. Find your club brand, what is it that you do best that your community knows its you. Is it a service project, or a fundraiser? The beauty of Rotary is that it means different things to different people around you.
Our District Theme this is year is “Peace through Rotary.” Where there is Peace, there is hope.
The year 2020 can be described in one word: discouragement. Communities around our district need you to bring that hope. These are challenging times, and I encourage you to rise and meet the challenge with more passion to serve and change lives.
I am now at the midway point of my club visitations, and I am so thankful for all the club’s hospitality and the wonderful donations made in my name, and of course the beautiful gifts. I share my message to you about getting out of your comfort zone and if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you are growing and that is a good thing.
I am so proud of our District Leadership Team’s passion to serve Rotary. They are committed to implementing our district action plan, serving you and making sure you are successful. I know this is not an easy task to achieve alone, but together we can make all the difference when we work together using Peace through Rotary as our pathway for a successful Rotary year.
We seek a meaningful impact in our communities by joining with our Rotary clubs for a more focus effort in achieving Service Above Self. We live in a time of unprecedented change. A time when economies, careers, and social safety is in grave peril. I see these as opportunities for us to rise and become the Rotarians our community needs us to be.
We serve expecting nothing in return. We give because we care. Sometimes we may be the only hope for people who cannot even imagine how to overcome their worries.
Our challenge will be delivering greater value for the people we serve by becoming more focused and growing our member base. Together we can be Leaders of Change.
My best to all of you and let us have a great rotary year!
Amando J Chapa
District Governor
Rotary PolioMoto
You have been a super star in our eyes and have helped us in the past with either your encouragement or your generous pledge, donation and participation during previous RotaryPolioMoto "RPM" motorcycle rides and we really appreciate everything you have done to for Rotary District 5930. 
Upcoming Fundraisings around the District
Mark your calendar for a Polio Walk
2nd Annual Hackers and Slackers "Fun" Golf Tournament
Charity Poker Tournament 
Pints for Polio with Laredo Daybreak
Pints for Polio with Brownsville Sunrise
Monster Mash with McAllen Evening
Empowering Girls-The Presidential Initiative

Equality is a fundamental human right that's critical in order to have a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. Still, girls and women worldwide face inequities in areas including health and education, and they experience significant violence and disproportionate poverty. Rotary encourages clubs and districts to prioritize projects that improve the health, well-being, education, and economic security of girls in their communities and around the world. Develop a club-based initiative, a district grant, or a global grant that engages members of your community in a project that will protect and empower girls. Work to increase equity by ensuring their access to resources that will improve their lives.


Alumni Reconnect Week was on Oct 6-12
All around the world during Reconnect Week on 4-10 October, Rotarians and alumni will gather online and in person to share their experiences, network with each other, and exchange ideas for staying involved in Rotary. This is the week that we recognize the value our alumni bring to our organization and when we do wall we can to engage alumni with Rotary.
Stories around the District 5930
Why Rotary Southside Rotarians shares their "Why"
DG Amando still is visiting clubs
Rotarians are like Big Umbrella!
DG visited Rotary Club of Aransa Pass
Labor Day Flag Fundraiser
Film Screening: The Story of Plastic
9/11 We Will Never Forget Day of Remembrance
Leading The Way
DG Visited Three Rivers
DG Visited Rotary Club of Alice
ADGs Meeting
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!
Rotary Reading Circle
DG visited Rotary Club of Kingsville
Serve to Change Lives at Monte Bella Park
Alice Rotary Club's Interact Excitement 
Rotary Edcouch-Elsa in Action!!!
'Governor is in the House!'
ACE Family Literacy Project
Honors Childhood Cancer Awareness
Delivering Supplies - Hurricane Ida Relief 
Ending Polio
Looking for Representatives
We want one member from each club joining the District Membership Committee. Help us to reach our goal to grow the District to 2022 members. 
New areas of focus icons
Rotary’s area of focus icons promote the causes that reflect the critical humanitarian issues that our members address worldwide. The Brand Center has newly redesigned graphics for individual areas of focus and the whole list in various colors and easier-to-use formats. You’ll also find guidelines for using them. Use these icons in social media, on websites, and in other materials to show the causes your club supports.
RLI Part I in October - Registration is open!
Your RLI Faculty Team, led by Andy Hagan invites all Rotarians to consider signing up for RLI and "Take your Leadership Skills to the Next Level!" 
Dates for the next classes are
We welcome all Rotarians, New and "Seasoned" to enroll in RLI, and join our multi-Rotary District, grassroots leadership development program.  
Contact Andy Hagan, Debbie High, or Kathy Preddy for additional information or check out the District Website and Click on RLI!
On the banner:
Dona Santiago at her store in San Francisco, Honduras, where she sells soda, chips, sundries, and homemade sweets with the support of microloans from the Adelante Foundation. The Adelante Foundation's microcredit program, which offers women loans and business training aimed at increasing their household incomes, is supported by a Rotary Global Grant. 24 May 2013. 
*Support the Rotary Foundation*
People of Action helps define Rotary for those who don’t know us. We’re professional, community, and civic leaders who connect with each other and who share a unique perspective and passion for taking action to improve the world. Describing and showing ourselves as people of action creates a personal connection to Rotary and emphasizes the impact we make in our communities.
If you want to promote your stories, or upcoming projects in our Website, Facebook Page or Next Month Newsletter, please submit it, every Monday is the dateline.