The Checklist 2023-2024 is a tool to help in meeting Administrative deadlines for your Rotary Club. 
If you have questions or concerns about Club Administration contact:
Nancy Ross,, 361-726-8122
Administrative Checklist for Rotary Club
                           District 5930
Due Date               Administrative Task
Now/Jan 1st          Dues of $49 per member to District for Rotary year.  Dues of $44.41 plus $1      
                  for Council of Legislation and $6 to RI per Member on July 1st and the same
                $51.41 for each member on Jan 1st.  Dues for RI will increase for 2024-2025 by                    
                            $1.75 per member.
Monthly              Do Club Newsletter/Bulletin.  Can do more often, but keep members
                            Informed of club activities.
Monthly              Enter Membership/Attendance to Club Runner.
Ongoing              Update CR/RI for Members Info on email, phone, addresses, birthday.  Post
                              club events to District Calendar. If you are synced with R.I., your data input to
                              Club Runner will update to RI database.
Ongoing              Update your Club Constitution/Bylaws.
10th Monthly      Membership:  Send Ignite report to Helen Peters
 NOW                   Club Goals input to RI Club Central at  Sign into My Rotary.  These
                            Goals should be updated at least quarterly.  Presidential Citation comes from
                            the data you input on these goals.
Oct 14, 2023        District One Summit covering Foundation, Membership and Public Image at
                               Del Mar College, Corpus Christi. 
Nov 15, 2023      Club Tax Exempt Tax Return filed with IRS.  File either 990, 990N, 990EZ, 990T.
                            Send email to once return filed as District needs
                            confirmation  that club is in compliance with tax filing requirements to keep
                            your tax exempt status and a requirement for Club Awards and Grants.
Dec 31, 2023       Must complete electing all Club officers for 2024-25
Feb 1, 2024          Input New Officers for 2024-25 to Club Runner and RI.  At a minimum,
                            You need President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer entered.
Feb 29-Mar 3       Send President-Elect to Dallas for PETS Training
April 2024                  District Assembly
May 2024                  District Conference
May 25-29, 2024.     RI Convention in Singapore
 May 30 2024      Deadline to submit Forms for District Awards; and submit request for District
                              Grants for 2024-25