Disaster Emergency Preparedness, Relief, and Recovery Plan
The mission of District 5930 Disaster Relief is to alleviate human suffering caused by disasters that may impact people locally, regionally or worldwide.
The District Emergency Preparedness, Relief, and Recovery Plan (Disaster Relief Plan) adopted by District 5930 serves as the foundation for the development of services provided by Rotarians within this District. The Disaster Relief Plan was developed to achieve the goals and objectives of section 18, Disaster Relief Planning organized under the direction of District Service.
The Disaster Relief Plan outlines our approach to disaster relief, and is applicable to District 5930. It provides general guidance for relief activities and an overview of our methods of preparedness, response and recovery. The plan describes our disaster relief organization and assigns responsibilities for various tasks. This plan is intended to provide a framework for who does what, when and how. The primary audience for the document includes
  • Rotary International Disaster Relief-Rotarian Action Group (DRRAG)
  • District 5930 Officials,
  • District 5930 Disaster Relief Committee,
  • Club Disaster Relief Committees,
  • Crisis Management & Communication coordinator,
  • District IT coordinator, and
  • volunteer organizations
that support emergency operations and others who may participate in our preparedness, relief and recovery efforts.
The Disaster Relief Rotarian Action Group (DRRAG) is a global networking, multiservice, relief and development non-governmental organization (NGO). DRRAG was recognized by the Board of Directors of Rotary International in 2007 as a Rotarian Action Group (RAG). To this end, the Disaster Relief RAG acts as the overarching policy and leadership framework intended to support and unify Rotarian involvements in Disaster Relief and Development Activities- locally, regionally and worldwide.  Rotarian Action Groups implement their programs through Rotarians, Clubs and Districts around the world. The intent of this Disaster Relief Plan is for District 5930 to serve as the Rotarian representative for disaster relief efforts within our District.