District grants fund smaller, short-term activities that address needs in both your local community and communities worldwide. Each district gets to choose which projects it will fund with these grants.
District Grants using DDF (District Designated Fund)
Local or international community projects
Relate to the mission of TRF (The Rotary Foundation)
Include active participation of Rotarians
Project expenses may not be incurred before approval
Award Criteria will include the club’s past contributions to TRF
Should be innovative, flexible, and simple so they can be completed within the Rotary fiscal year.
Receipts are required for all expenditures
District Grant applications must be submitted on District 5930 ClubRunner
Matching Funds
1:1 Match between District and Club Contributions
Minimum Project Amount - $2,000
Minimum Club Match - $1,000
Maximum District match -  $3,500 / club (amount subject to change due to the total amount available)
How to Apply
Club Qualification process is simple:
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), MOU Addendum, Financial Management Plan, Reporting of Allegations of Misuse or Mismanagement of Grant Funds
  • 2 members attend a Grant Management Training (one needs to be the President for year of grant awarding and implementing)
  • Not Delinquent with Reporting, Payment of Dues (RI or District) or Tax Returns

Terms of Qualification
  • Valid for one Rotary year
  • Involve the active, personal participation of Rotarians
  • Disclose potential conflicts of interest
  • Proper use of grant funds
  • Timely grant reporting
Timeline for 2022-2023 (Kent Grier, DG)
  • July 29, 2022 (Extension granted by District Committee)  Last day to submit Applications
  • August 2022    Committee reviews District Grant applications, submits Spending Plan to TRF for approval
  • August 2022   Grant approval notification; funds disbursed when Block Grant is received.
  • June 15, 2023    Final Report with Receipts Due or 30 days after project complete
Timeline for 2023-2024 (Luis Cavazos, DG)
  • July 1, 2023  Deadline for Presidents and Presidents-Elect for 2023-2024 to complete, sign, and email the four required documents to Eddie Bartnesky at either eddie@rotary5030 or eddie@connellybartnesky.com . This process is necessary so that clubs can become qualified to submit their grant application.
  • July 15 2023    Deadline to submit District Grant applications through Clubrunner.
  • August 1 2023   Initial deadline to email the Global Grant application template to Elaine Hernandez, Eddie Bartnesky, and Juan Lira for review. We will gladly accept and review applications during the rest of the year.
Tips to Submit District Grants
District Grants Presentations
Review the Presentations provided in the last Training Seminars about Grants Management. 
How to submit a District Grant in Clubrunner