Vision Time Capsule 2022-2025
Capture the memories in 2022 & Open in 2025
General: Get an old box, or a container. The club leader places the following items in the box
  • Group picture of the club members
  • Picture/menu of lunch, etc. from that day
  • Cost of a Gallon of milk that day
  • Cost of a Gallon of gas that day
  • Newspaper front page from that day
  • Screen shot of RI website from that day
  • Stock market on that day
To be filled out by each individual member
  • Something that makes you smile
  • Something you are proud of
  • Something important to you
  • Your favorite candy wrapper
  • A note to yourself
  • How many club members in 2025?
  • Club Polio Plus giving in 2025
  • Club annual giving in 2025
  • Your Club in the community is known for ……
  • Club biggest fundraiser in 2025
Place all the items collected by the club leader and the paper sheet with the answers and the predictions collected from each member into the box/container and seal it. Store the container/box with the Rotary items or at the safe place and OPEN IT IN 2025 and see which member got most of the predictions correct and award them with Nostradamus Award/certificate.
If you have comments or questions contact The District Visioning Chair Dr. Zehra Surani