The Rotary International Constitution and By-laws contain sufficient flexibility for districts to make choices, allow interpretations, or develop procedures to implement their provisions.  These Guidelines describe the duties, responsibilities and limitations of District Officers and Committees, and other provisions for the effective operation of the District.  Nothing in the Guidelines is intended to violate or otherwise be in disconformance with the R.I. Constitution, By-laws, or Code of Policies.

The Guidelines are divided into two sections:  Section I addresses operations pertaining to the general administration of the District.  It can be amended by action of the District Executive Committee.  Section II concerns the District Fund provided by assessments on the clubs in the District.  It is amended by action of the District Executive Committee.

The Legislative Committee met and adopted several updates, corrections, and additions. They have been fully transcribed and checked. The document has been uploaded to the site page District Info > Governance Guidelines.

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