Hi all,
    Thanks to very generous donation from two individuals and one club...as well as two $1000 donations...we are close to being able to build four new kindergartens...in addition to one we are currently building in Agua Amarilla thanks to funding from the Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada Rotary Club. A photo of the current construction is attached.
    We have sufficient funds....it takes $5000.00 to build a 20 x 25 kindergarten or classroom.....full funding allows a club or individual naming rights.....to build two of them and the other two still needs $1000.00 each.
    As the Rotary year wraps up...or as budgets for next year are formulated please consider helping us to fulfill your international service component....or just because you are big hearted.
    I have attached a photo of the first classroom we built in Maranones.  The Middlebury Vermont Rotary Club has provided the bulk of the funding to build a second classroom  but we still need $1000.00 there.  There are 65 children utilizing that one.
    I have attached a photo of the site of the next kindergarten we plan to built....after the virus is behind us...in the community of April the 18th.  We have received full funding from Ken McCauley of Palm Springs, California.  There are 30 children there.
    Two additional kinders will be selected after I am able to travel about and talk to the prospective communities.  One has been ffully unded by Brad Clark of Bethesda, Maryland.  The other is $1000 short....the first $4000 is thanks to Ken McCauley...he donated $3000 and a person who wishes to remain anonymous donated $1000.  We are $1000 short there too.
    And, of course, we will continue this crusade to provide kindergartens for children in all communities...or entire schools if needed.  I have also attached photos of another kinder we funded recently in Las Cajas....funded entirely by Rotarian Bill Mann from McAllen Texas...and of a one classroom school we built in Las Cabras funded by Rotarian Nianna Gustovich from the McAllen Evening Rotary Club.
    Remember lots of littles make a lot of great work!!  So any donation will help! For individuals...the donations are tax exempt.
                                   Yours in Rotary
                                Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras, Inc.
                                Port Isabel Texas Rotary Club
                                PO Box 1733
                                Port Isabel, Texas 78578