Dear Club and District Leaders,
Stats Report: It looks like we have settled at a total of 1,865 members in our district to start the year.  We had a -21 net loss. 
"For the whole Rotary world our membership has hovered around the same 1.2 million mark for 20 years. We aren't growing, and our membership is getting older." Barry Rassin, President, Rotary International. 
We need to think outside the box & do things we have not done before in Membership Development.

Read the Rotarian magazine.  The August edition has arrived.  The featured article is "Wining new Members" 
"Don't focus on getting numbers; instead, start a relationship, tell your Rotary story and by doing so you invite that person to come on the journey and buy into the Rotary Dream. You don't want numbers you want Rotarians." from RI and given to me by Debbie High, Past District Governor and Zone Coordinator.
Quick Reminders: 
1. Start using the Ignite Program
2. Assess you club if you have not done so and communicate to your AG 
3. Get a membership chair if you haven't already.  I show 20 so far in the system, I need 50.
4. Clean often. Add members as they come in and drop as they go.  Review your roster and find members that are no paying, not attending meetings and are not helping in projects.  Try to engage them, if it doesn't work, drop them, and try to get them later...……….
5.  Be flexible, Be kind (love), we are all volunteers!!!! 
District's Goals as approved by our District Governor: (Are flexible and can change)
Grow by net 50 members
Retention at 90% (we will talk about this later)
Expand by 3 Satellites
Expand by 3 new clubs
Stay tuned for the plan to accomplish the Goal
I appreciate the clubs that have responded to my emails and have contacted me regarding growth.
Keep in touch and it is a privilege and an honor working for you all...…..
Let's work together!
Luis Cavazos
District 5930 Lt. Governor of Membership
Past President & Charter members the Rotary Club of Brownsville - Sunrise