As you have probably aware or have seen on the TV networks, there are numerous cities and rural areas throughout the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) that have been severely affected by recent excessive rain and the subsequent flooding.  The RGV is part of Rotary District 5930.
As a result, many residents have suffered personal losses including damaged and loss of their automobiles, furniture and fixtures, building and structural damages to homes and businesses etc.  Many lack the financial means to repair or replace items either damaged or rendered a total loss as a result of their homes and businesses being flooded.  Others have no flood insurance to mitigate the financial burden imposed by the damage sustained from the floods.
Many individuals, clubs and districts are willing to help and provide financial assistance.  
Please use either of the links below to make a donation.
Please note in the info box that your donation is for RGV Flood Relief. 
Checks can also be mailed to: DG Andy Hagan, 2018-2019, 590 Rancho Escondido, Olmito, TX 78575, United States