By IPDG Andy Hagan and RC/PDG Debbie High
Congratulations to the first District 5930 Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) graduating class.  Twenty-one Rotarians, representing all of our “population” hubs, 13 Rotary Clubs, and two Districts, completed RLI 3 on Saturday August 17, 2019.  
For more information on RLI go to: Lone Star Division RLI
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Rotary Leadership Institute Graduates:
Brownsville Sunrise
Andres Zamarripa *
Corpus Christi Evening
DG Ellison Crider *
Jack Alspaugh
Joe Garcia
DGN Amando Chapa
DGE Eddie Bartnesky
Kathy Preddy
J. Dean Craig
Justinn Jones
Laredo Gateway
Jaime Garcia
Los Fresnos
Martin Magallan
Marble Falls D5870
Fay Crider
McAllen Evening
ARPIC, Aleda Reyes
Marlon Martinez
Nianna Gustovich
Rene Cantu
Angela Attal
Cynthia Middleton
Gary Goldate
The Laredo Rotary Club
Rogelio Trevino
Victoria Northside
Kent Grier
I found each RLI session to be informative and thought provoking.”  Fay Crider
“What a great event! Highly recommend!” Justinn Jones
“Loved the comradery.  I feel energized to take this back to my club.”
RLI Mission Statement
The Rotary Leadership Institute is a grassroots, multi-district leadership development program whose mission is to strengthen Rotary clubs through quality leadership education
Why we need The Rotary Leadership Institute
It is generally agreed throughout the Rotary world that the success or failure of a Rotary Club depends on the quality of club leadership.  It has been said that poor club leadership is the primary cause of membership issues.   Because of the annual turnover of club officers, Rotary needs a constant influx of knowledgeable Rotarians who have the leadership skills necessary to move a club forward. RLI provides an opportunity for Rotary education that is usually not otherwise available.
Previous D5930 Graduates
Brownsville Sunrise
IPDG Andy Hagan *
Corpus Christi Northwest
PDG Maxie Houser
Southside Corpus Christi
RC/PDG Debbie High *
* Andy, Andres, Debbie and Ellison are RLI Faculty Trained