On Thursday evening, May 16, 2019, at the “APISD Scholarships Senior Award Night 2019”, the Rotary Club of Aransas Pass presented four (4) $1000.00 scholarships to deserving Seniors of the APISD Class of 2019.The Rotary Club consists of eleven members who work hard throughout the year generating funds to give back to the community.  Deserving projects are Literacy Donations, Aransas Pass For Youth, Project Graduation, an International Project, Bikes for deserving Charlie Marshall and Kieberger students, the Early Act First Knight program in both Charlie Marshall and Kieberger schools, the Four-Way Speech Contest, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, the Tri County Christian Service Center, Continuing College Scholarships, and of course, High School Senior Scholarships.  This year the Rotary Club was able to increase their scholarship amount from $500.00 per scholarship to $1000.00.  The Rotary Club is proud to be able to support not only the APISD School System, but also the Community of Aransas Pass.
Submitted May 20, 2019 by Karen Gayle, Secretary/Treasurer
                                                                                Rotary Club of Aransas Pass
Picture:  Robert Branch, President Rotary Club of Aransas Pass
               Jurnee Peikert
               Shelby Mock
               Dylan Samora
               Monique Evans
               Karen Gayle, Sec./Tres. Rotary Club of Aransas Pass